Best Friend Quotes

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A friend gives you a shoulder to lean on when you cry, a true friend has a shovel ready to hit the person who made you cry over the head.

A stranger stabs you in the back a friend stabs you in the front. A boyfriend stabs you in the heart and best friends stab you with straws.

To walk is what I always do, but I prefer not to look back to people who’s no longer walking with me. One day, someone asked me, "why did you just let other people leave you?" then I answered "life is a long journey. Let see who will be walking with me till the end of my story."

cookies are like friends,
you dont want one you like to have many of them.

Friendship is like a wine,
it tastes better as it grows older.

a friend is one that says "hi" occasionally.
but a true friend is someone that could completely ignore you on purpose but you know she actually loves you more than anyone could.

We shared smiles.
We wiped d tears.
and through d years,
Our frndshp grwwn with us.
Thanks for always making me smile u
You are truely a wonderful part of my life.

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